CGATS Tweak allows to modify and adjust whatever Lab or Spectral CGATS measurement. It’s really easy to use and with great utility. It works under Mac & PC and it can edit CGATS files from 3 up to 8 channels (RGB & CMYK included) coming from whatever measuring software.



  • Adjust of White and Black Points (ISO 13655, Relative Colorimetric, & ColorInLab)
  • X-Rite i1Pro v2 & v3 compatible.
  • Tweaking of "a" & "b" axis of Lab space (gray adjust).
  • 3D render of measurements with channels filter, primary, original vs corrected, zoom, point wise, camera position and so on (only MacOS version).
  • Arrange & Remove Channels.

CGATS Tweak allows compensate the shortcomings of the measurements from our instrument and compensate the undesirable effects of metamerism.

You can download the software from the following Links:


 Not sure of buying the software? no problem. Download it, install it and send us the registration file (Help / Register… menu). We’ll send you a free license for testing the software during one full week.

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CGATS Tweak License